Brides Know Best                

Call it womenís intuition. Call it clairvoyance. Call it whatever you like. But the fact of the matter is that a survey reported in Professional Jeweler magazine reveals that brides know that their special guy is about to pop the question five months before the fact. The prospective grooms arenít totally clueless, but they are a bit slower.  Grooms report that they are aware of their impending engagement only two months before a ring materializes. 

Itís also true that 85% of women would like some say in their choice of engagement ring.  After all, it is a ring a woman will wear for many years. While it might take away the element of surprise, shopping together for your engagement ring might be one of the most romantic things you can do! We would be happy to make your dreams come true.


And the Groom Wore White

A white wedding band, that is. For todayís groom, platinum and white gold are hot choices. Some avant-garde jewelry designers are even showing designs in titanium and stainless steel. Whatever the metal of choice, white is a fashion-forward, high-tech look that appeals to men.  In addition, many men are also choosing bands set with diamonds, for an impressive and decidedly masculine look.

Diamonds are generally set in bezel or other flush settings in menís wedding bands. Whether youíre looking to tie the knot or renew your vows, yellow gold will always be a classic. But consider the bold choice of white metal for all bridal jewelry. There are so many styles to choose from today, that any prospective groom should have no problem finding a band that perfectly suits his taste. For more information about wedding bands and engagement rings stop by Curt Parker Jewelers

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