The Curt Parker Jewelry Collections 
When it is time to celebrate your life with a truly special jewel, make Curt Parker Jewelers your first choice. Curt Parker is an international award-winning designer and craftsman who personally creates most of the jewelry we sell, and his unique creative expression is realized in jewelry available nowhere else. In addition, Curt and Elizabeth have chosen select designer collections from around the world to share with our clients. Every piece of jewelry meets the same standards: excellent design, quality craftsmanship, the finest gemstones and precious metals, and good value. The following are just some of the designer collections available at Curt Parker Inc.


Special Request or designs when you don't have access to a private email account or is you just want to keep a surprise.
Angel Collection these loving Angels are always the perfect gift for charm bracelets or to wear as a pendant.
anna Ballerina Collection. Click to see the entire collection of these beautiful little dancers.


Platinum Winner  

Starlight™ Burnished into yellow or white gold, diamonds of all sizes shimmer like stars in a night sky. The look is your own, from a single twinkler to an entire galaxy! Available in earrings, bangle bracelets and rings, each created by the Curt Parker design team.


Abbey Collection ™ 

Rings with ancient designs for modern times. New interpretations of rich, ornamental Celtic art, plus the world’s favorite historic, folkloric and classical patterns. Romantic symbols to celebrate your heritage or commitment to one another. Precious 14 karat yellow and white gold, 18 karat or Platinum. Also available with diamonds. For the real world and all of its life styles show your unique sense of style in a contemporary way.


Millennium  Rings  

Millennium Design™ A hoped-for period of joy, serenity, prosperity and justice. Jewelry for the 21st Century and those who live in it, designed and created only by Curt Parker. 14kt, 18kt or Platinum. Diamonds sizes available in any size your heart may desire.