Ready to Party

Getting Started1

Setting Up

Party Time


Julie and Blakelee1

Julie and Blakelee2

Julie, Blakelee and John

Gary, Garr and guest

Julie, Joe and Blakelee

Julie, Jim and Blakelee

Julie, Charles and Blakelee

Julie Jeffery Elizabeth Blakelee

Julie, Nate Blakelee

Nate and Bunny


Julie, Carl and Blakelee

Blakelee Lofton Julie

Party Prizes

Having Fun

Lucie and Kerri

Julie, Lucie and Blakelee

Kerri and the Girls

Julie, Dr. Bradey and Blakelee

Louise and Charles

Julie, Lee, Pam and Blakelee

Play Time

Time to eat

CP Full Team

CP Girls Team

CP Team

Julie, Terri and Blakelee

Julie, Miss Shaver and Blakelee

Julie, Bernadette and Blakelee

Marvin,Joyce and Karen

Julie, Jason and Blakelee

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