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Wedding Anniversary List
Every anniversary is special. Take the time to reaffirm the love you have for each other. Let your partner know you would marry them again today. Each gift you share will help you look forward to the many more happy years you will spend together.

We are happy to do whatever we can to make this day even more special. Please call with your request.


Jewelry Gift




1st Gold Paper Clock Earrings
2nd Garnet Cotton China 18" Strand
3rd Pearl Leather Crystal, Glass Enhancer
4th Blue Topaz Linen, Silk Appliances Clasp
5th Sapphire Wood Silverware Bracelet
6th Amethyst Iron Wood 30" Strand
7th Onyx Wool, Copper Desk Sets Graduated Strand
8th Tourmaline Bronze Linens, Lace Tin Cup Necklace
9th Lapis Lazuli Pottery Leather Fresh Water Necklace
10th Diamond Tin Diamonds Ring
11th Turquoise Steel Fashion Jewelry Mabe' Earrings
12th Jade Silk Pearls, Gems Choker
13th Citrine Lace Textiles, Fur Silver Pearls
14th Opal Ivory Gold, Jewelry Baroque Strand
15th Ruby Crystal Watches Black Tahitian Pendant
16th Peridot Plumbing Insulation Mobe' Pearl Ring
17th Watches Desk Set Craft Supplies Princess Necklace
18th Cat's Eye Radio Exotic Plants Gold Pearls
19th Aquamarine Petroleum Auto Accessories South Sea Ring
20th Emerald China Platinum South Sea Earrings
21st Iolite Camping Gear Cosmetic Surgery Three Strand Choker
22nd Spinel Silicone Computer Akoya Brooch
23rd Imperial Topaz Aquatic Pet Pet Pearl Watch
24th Tanzanite Chintz Cement Matinee Necklace
25th Silver Silver Sterling South Sea Necklace
30th Pearl Pearl Diamond Collar or Torsade
35th Emerald Coral Jade Multi-Pearl
40th Ruby Ruby Ruby Black Tahitian Earrings
45th Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire Opera Strand
50th Golden Gold Gold Tahitian Necklace
55th Alexandrite Emerald Emerald Mobe' Brooch
60th Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Clasp
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We wish you a very Happy Anniversary.


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