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What I learned in the Dentist Chair

Monday morning I had my semi-annual teeth cleaning scheduled at my dentist.  While there, one of the assistants checked my teeth for any general problems that I might not be aware of. She also spent time checking for cavities or any other signs of tooth decay or damage. After a further inspection of my gum line looking for gingivitis or other periodontal disease, she gave a thorough cleaning of my teeth. Once finished the dentist came by for a final inspection of my teeth and to check the assistants work. All in all, I was there for about an hour and my teeth were as good as new. The day to day tea & soda stains were gone & I was given an extensive flossing. (It seems I forgot to floss at home EVERY DAY; I'm sure I'm the only one that doesn't.) My final bill for refurbishing my teeth: $203.

Curt Parker Jewelers offers professional refurbishing services on white gold, yellow gold or platinum rings. Most rings can be refinished for just $50. A fraction of the price of a good teeth cleaning. With day to day wear, our jewelry may get a few scuffs and scratches here and there. You might trip and scrape it on the sidewalk, get it caught in a car door, bang it into a wall. We take for granted the day to day abuse some of us do to our jewelry. Allow us to bring your rings back the look they had they day you first put them on your finger. Let your jewelry shine again!! Most times it can be finished in just a single day! Call 314-989-9909 to schedule a spa visit for your rings. Don't they deserve it?

Ring refurbishing is much less expensive and certainly less stressful than getting your teeth cleaned & we promise nobody will put their fingers in your mouth. Call us or stop by today for more details. You won't believe how great your jewelry can look!

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