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Whether it is for insurance replacement regarding a loss, theft, or for estate purposes a proper jewelry appraisal is paramount. Curt Parker Jewelers is pleased to offer professional appraisal services.We have jewelers on staff with more than 130 years of combined experience in the jewelry industry. Our qualified appraisers, trained in both gemology and valuation theory, will identify the gems, gem materials, and metals that comprise your jewelry.  We will properly assess all components of the piece, including relative beauty and rarity, and determine its overall quality and value. At Curt Parker, we guarantee an accurate, unbiased appraisal of a single item or an entire collection, and offer complimentary lifetime appraisal updates on all purchases from our store.

Fees begin at $150.00 per item. Hourly rates are available for large collections or antique jewelry. We will be happy to help you with jewelry you may have inherited and with division of jewelry in your own estate. Remember, the most important elements in a professional appraisal service are the appraisers’ knowledge and integrity. 



A jewelry appraisal is a written document that appropriately describes a piece of jewelry and assigns a value to it, based on specific methodology. The function of a jewelry appraisal is to provide a detailed assessment of your personal jewelry. The quality of an appraisal is directly related to the appraiser's knowledge, experience and integrity. At Curt Parker Jewelers, a qualified appraiser correctly identifies and describes the gems, gem materials, precious and non-precious metals that comprise your piece of jewelry. All components of the piece are assessed -- its craftsmanship, relative beauty, rarity and the overall quality. The market availability of your jewelry is then researched and an accurate, unbiased valuation is determined. This valuation is based on methodology warranted by the purpose of the appraisal, whether it be to insure the piece of jewelry against potential loss or for the division of family jewelry for estate purposes, for example. Two copies of the formal, written appraisal are provided for your use, stamped with the Curt Parker corporate seal.

How do I know if my jewelry is worth insuring?

Depending on the value of your jewelry item, insurance may or may not be needed. Insurance companies recommend items over $1,000 in value be insured. Again, make sure your jewelry items are properly documented before having them insured. This is why a professional appraisal is needed.

What type of appraisal do I need?

The most common appraisal for basic insurance coverage is called a retail replacement appraisal. There are also jewelry appraisals for estate purposes and resale or fair market value.

How long should I wait for an appraisal?

Depending on the nature and quantity of the item(s), it may require a minimum of an hour to several hours for proper inspection. Afterwards, thorough research must be performed to adequately document the item(s).

Do I have to be present for my appraisal?

You may drop off your item(s) for an appraisal or you are more than welcome to wait for your item(s) during the inspection. Please be prepared to wait for an extended period of time as explained above.

What do I do with my appraisal once it is complete?

Once you have received your completed appraisal, a copy should be sent to your insurance company for suitable coverage and you should also keep one for your own records.

Does my appraisal expire?

Nothing is more disappointing than to experience a loss or theft of your jewelry item(s) only to learn that you are under insured because of an out dated appraisal. For obvious reasons, it is very important that your jewelry appraisal be up to date. Most major insurance companies require jewelry appraisals be up-dated every three years or so. However, you should contact your insurance professional to confirm the company’s detailed requirements. You should also update your appraisal should you ever change insurance providers or move to a new address.

I heard the term the GIA, what does that mean?

GIA is an acronym for The Gemological Institute of America. The Gemological Institute of America provides the educational foundation of the jewelry industry.  GIA offers education and training in gemology, manufacturing, design, and other important aspects of the industry.   It also developed the diamond grading system used throughout the world today.  The title of  “GIA Gemologist” is internationally recognized and respected as one of the most valuable academic credential in the trade. 


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