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Just as every moment is special, so is every customer. We pride ourselves in our commitment to quality and excellence influences everything from the materials we use and the people we work with to the service we deliver.

We firmly believe that the principles of our business isn't limited to ethically sourcing gemstones or in our dealings with our associates. It extends to embracing everyone. This commitment embodies our philosophy that human rights isn't some angle or political statement. Instead, it's simply about treating everyone equally - with care, mindfulness and respect.

Our commitment and dedication shines through in every piece of jewelry we offer, making each one as bright and beautiful as your love. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of the love story for so many couples and to become the jeweler of choice for those who have that same dedication and passion.

Feel confident in not following etiquette by  wearing a non-traditional ring. We have handcrafted alternative rings for our clients from the gay community. Some grooms have custom-ordered matching wedding bands, while some brides may choose matching engagement rings. Other times, couples get completely different rings-whatever you dream up, we can design it for you! As a jeweler that makes each ring one-at-a-time, you can personalize your and your partner's rings to your liking.

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